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The Nigerian Judiciary And Its Functions As An Arm Of Government!

Judiciary is one, out of the three arms of government known. It is seen as the third organ of government. It has been vested with the responsibility of interpreting and applying the laws to all cases, as well as settling disputes in the court of law.

In the judiciary, law can only be law when the judges decide it so. While in the course of giving their judgements during various court cases.

To a lay – man’s  point of view, the Judiciary is considered the most vital organ of government… The Reason is obvious because the judiciary acts as the peoples’ protector against all forms of possible excesses of legislative arm of government and that of the executive organs.

The fact that the Judiciary protects the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as well as, the fundamental rights of the Nigerian citizens, is what makes judiciary to be a  more respectable arm of government than other two organs; the Executive and the judiciary.

What Is the Judiciary?

The judiciary is the third organ of government vested with the power of interpretation and application of law. As a system of court, it provides measures used for the resolution of disputes, and as well gives Justice.

Functions Of The Nigerian Judiciary

The judiciary organ of government plays an important role in serving as the, last hope of a common man in the society.

In this article, I am going to explain some  of its functions .

1. The  Judiciary Gives Justice To The People

Among the functions of the judiciary is to give Justice to the people, once the people seeks its intervention.

Most importantly, the judiciary will always award  punishment to those who rightly deserve after they might have been tried and found guilty to have violated the laws of the state or infringed on the rights of the members of the public.

As a last resort to a common man, members of the public who are aggrieved can always go to the courts and seek redress and possibly compensation.

This happens however, when there is fear of someone trying to harm them or infringe on their rights or in the other situation, when they have considered themselves of suffering any loss caused by someone or an institution.

The Judiciary functions in giving justice to the members of the public who deserve it, it goes as long as awarding punishment with respect to type of crime committed.

The Judiciary determines the quantity and quality of punishment for those who violate the law, as well as decides cases that have to do with granting of compensations to the members of the public.

2. Judiciary Interprets and Applies Laws

Another function of the judiciary is the interpretation and the application of laws to all cases.

We the know that, the judiciary disputes and decides on cases brought before it. In the course of doing this, the judges can be said to have interpreted  and applied the law.

The major function of the judiciary is to interpret the  law, therefore, all laws at its disposal deserve to be properly interpreted and  applied accordingly to all cases.

This aspect of the judiciary function is done by the judges, and what the Judges called law or what Judges interpreted is what that stands as law.

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